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General faq

Our history, mandate, structure and values?


MC Academy of Tennis was established in 2006 by its present owner and Head Coach: Michael Czerwinski.  Having started with a single location, the Academy has expanded to 4 clubs offering private and group lessons to adults and kids of all ages.  MC Academy of Tennis offers everyone an opportunity to learn how to play tennis with an emphasis on personal enjoyment and striving to achieve one’s personal athletic goals.  Lessons are provided by professional coaches, who are carefully selected by Michael with the requirement of coaching certification by the Ontario Tennis Association.  Values of fair play and personal respect are taught by all Academy coaches and employees.




Visit our club during the program to see how they run?


Parents and guests are welcome to watch any of the programs from the viewing area. Interaction with kids during lessons is NOT permitted. To ensure the proper running of the lessons, parents are not allowed on the court while the session is in progress.  Visits can be arranged with Michael in order to get better acquainted with our Academy.




What can you expect from the academy, interactions with children and each other?


Everyone can expect a high level of coaching in a friendly atmosphere with an emphasis on learning tennis fundamentals and respectful attitude towards your opponent and other members of the group.




Transparent, open to questions and outside ideas?


In order to grow and serve everyone better, we welcome feedback and questions from all our clients.




Open door policy for addressing concerns? 


Every concern will be addressed by Michael in a professional and open-minded manner.  MC Academy of Tennis is proud of its accomplishments and business ethics and will promptly respond to any issue.




Are parents welcome to stay and watch the programs?


Yes, parents can watch the programs from the designated viewing area, but are not allowed to interact with students.




How is parental involvement encouraged?


MC Academy of Tennis encourages family involvement in the sport of tennis.  Our hope is for parents to enjoy playing with their kids at any of our great locations.




Do we train staff about child sexual abuse?


Staff at MC Academy of Tennis are required to attend yearly seminars organized by the Ontario Tennis Association which deal with sexual abuse and other issues that coaches may face when dealing with their students and parents/caregivers.




Do you have a code of conduct for adults working with children?  Does it outline clear expectations about boundaries between staff and children?  For volunteers, children and parents?


MC Academy of Tennis operates out of clubs which are members of the Ontario Tennis Association and, as such, are governed by the code of conduct enforced by the OTA at all its affiliated clubs.  Coaches are required to attend yearly seminars which present in detail proper behaviour and expectations when dealing with volunteers, children and parents.




How are staff interactions with children supervised?


A senior coach is always involved in all programs offered by MC Academy of Tennis.  One of the responsibilities is to supervise Assistant Coaches’ interaction with children under their care.




Do you have screening and hiring processes for staff and volunteers?


All employees and volunteers of MC Academy of Tennis are interviewed by Michael and their references are verified thoroughly.  Since all coaches are certified by the Ontario Tennis Association and are members of the TPA (Tennis Professionals Association), they are all subject to Comprehensive Criminal Background Checks.




How is staff misconduct handled?


All misconduct issues are personally handled by Michael.  First infraction results in a verbal warning; all subsequent wrongdoings are documented and, depending on their severity, may result in suspension or dismissal.




How is the organization's policy for reporting child abuse or staff misconduct?


Child abuse has to be reported to Micheal, who will investigate all mitigating circumstances.  By law, all cases of child abuse must be reported to the Children’s Aid Society.  Handling of Staff misconduct is outlined in the previous response.




Are all instructors certified by Tennis Canada / the OTA?


All coaches and instructors are certified by the OTA (Ontario Tennis Association), which is governed by Tennis Canada.

Do you teach at any indoor clubs or only outdoor?

Lessons are offered outdoors only. The Academy offers an indoor program at Veneto Tennis Club from mid-January to the end of March for adults only. More details are available on our website:

What are you doing to protect everyone due to COVID-19?

We are listening to all of the recommendations made by the City and Health Officials in order to keep everyone safe.  Procedures change from time to time due to the ever-changing nature of the virus and you can keep updated by checking out our Updates page or reaching out to Mike.

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