frequently asked questions


What should my child bring?

Each child should bring a hat and water bottle.
 We strongly encourage tennis shoes but we do allow other athletic shoes if you are comfortable with that.



When do masks need to be worn?

Only if we go inside do masks need to be worn. Most, if not all, of our camp will be outdoors and maks are not required outside.

Do they need to have their own racquet?

A tennis racquet is required; however, if your child does not have one, we
 do have Dunlop racquets
 that can be purchased from Mike.

Are snacks or lunch provided for full-day programs?

Due to COVID-19, we will not be providing food or drinks. Full-day campers are to bring their own peanut-free lunch. We 
encourage drinking water instead of sugary juices and pop.

What happens when it rains?


 For After-School Programs, you can attend a later session (if we have room) or reschedule for another day. We require 72 hours' notice to reschedule the session and it must be approved by Mike or Matthew.

What type of activities will my child be participating in during the camp?

We are a tennis-specific academy; therefore, all activities from the warm-up
 until the end of camp are geared towards learning tennis fundamentals.
 All campers warm up at the beginning by running and stretching.
 Depending on the level of play they will do drills and engage in games
 geared towards improving their level of play. More advanced students will
 play matches and learn strategies on how to construct points.

Do they have to be members?

Martingrove Tennis Club requires all camp/program participants to be members of 
the club. The junior membership fee is $20 and covers the use of the
 court during camp and outside of camp activities except for adult program 
times.  Please check the Martingrove website for further details.

Is the camp tax deductible?

Yes. The camp is considered a physical activity, based on the provincial 
bylaws; therefore, receipts will be issued once payment is made.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit and Debit cards.


Do you have a General FAQ for more serious questions?

Yes.  It can be viewed here.

What if my child needs to use the washroom?

We will supervise but not assist in the washroom.

If I have already completed a booking form this year and I want to add more sesisons for the specific activity how do I do that?

Please email with the exact additions you would like to make.